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Fun Ways To Recognize Your Extroverted Employees

The best, most effective way to recognize your employees is to be sure that the method you employ meshes well with their personality and temperament. If it’s not personal and tailored to them as an individual, then it’s going to come across as stilted or ham-handed, which will make it ring hollow and blunt its effectiveness.

The things you might choose to do for a more introverted employee will fall flat if you use the same technique on an extroverted member of your team. Here are a few ideas that will get your mind turning on the subject:

In Person, And In Public

Extroverts tend naturally to be the center of attention, so play to that. Call attention to their achievements in person and in public. There’s nothing better for an extrovert than to get a big “Kudos!” from you during a company or staff meeting. It’s simple, effective, and right up their alley. They’ll love it (an introvert, of course, would likely cringe at such a public spectacle).

Put Them In The Spotlight

Building on the first idea, rather than simply calling public attention to their achievements, ask them to say a few words about their accomplishments. This shines the spotlight directly on them, and lets their extroverted nature shine at full candle-power.

Most extroverts will relish the idea of being center stage for a little while, and it will give them the opportunity to bask in the adoration of their coworkers for a little while before returning back to earth. It’s a great opportunity to let them shine more brightly, and will do wonders for their morale, which will translate into enhanced productivity. That’s win-win!

Offer To Help

In addition to publicly recognizing their achievements, what about upping the ante further, but offering to personally help them with their latest project?

If that’s impractical, another great option here is to put more resources at their disposal. If it can’t be you personally, perhaps you can give them an assistant, or a bigger budget to help bring their latest project to life.

A Personalized Gift

You’ve got to be careful with this one. The gift has to reflect their personality, and it has to be something that speaks to them. Every employee is different, so you’ll want to put some serious thought into it.

Here’s an example of something that might be appropriate for an extroverted employee.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even loud. This leather portfolio, for example, is modestly priced and even a bit understated, but it’s showy, and would appeal to many, if not most extroverts and is a great way to show your appreciation.

The bottom line is, extroverts are a different breed of employee, and recognizing them requires an approach very different from what you’d do for a more introverted employee. Keep that in mind, and you’ll reward and recognize them in a way that truly resonates, and is meaningful.

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