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What can you do for your employees on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while any holiday is a good opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of your employees, Valentine’s Day does present some challenges, because of its close connection with romance. Even so, it’s entirely possible to give your employees tokens of your appreciation with a Valentine’s Day theme. Below, you’ll find a collection of stellar ideas:

Sweet Treats

Everybody loves sweets, so why not offer some decadent treats to commemorate the day. Here, the options are virtually without limit, and range from cookies, chocolates, assorted candies, jelly beans, and more. You can find candies and other sweet treats specially tailored for employees in our Candy and Food section.

There are so many options to choose from on this front that you can cater each gift to each employee’s specific tastes and preferences and give them a little something to put a smile on their faces and some pep in their step.

A Thoughtful Card

If you’re not sure what your employees preference are where sweets are concerned, a much easier solution is to give each of your employees a thoughtful card that shows that you remembered and appreciate them.

Too often, managers and business owners fall down here, so don’t make the most common mistake! All too often, it’s just a card with no personalized message inside. If you’re going to go this route, be sure to put some time into it and craft a unique personalized message to each employee who gets a card.

Don’t use something generic like “thanks for all that you do,” put some thought into it and make each message meaningful. Otherwise, it loses much of its impact and comes off as thin and hollow.

Sparkling Beverages

Depending on your budget, a nice bottle of red wine might be just the thing. Or, if that doesn’t work for whatever reason, some sparkling grape juice is a nice substitute. This will cost a bit more obviously, and depending on the number of employees you have, may not be practical.

Have Lunch Brought In

On the one hand, this is more extravagant, but on the other, it’s also somewhat less personal. Even so, nobody turns their nose up at free lunch, which makes it a great way to celebrate! Gift cards to local restaurants are a good, viable alternative here if catering a lunch would present undue complications for you and your staff.

The bottom line is that employee morale is a very big deal, and you should always be on the lookout for ways to boost the spirits of the people you employee. Happy employees are, after all, more productive employees, and if you take the time to show your appreciation at regular intervals, they’re also much less likely to jump ship if a better professional opportunity comes along.


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