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How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At The Workplace In 2018

Not every company celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, but if you’d like to bring a little “Luck o’the Irish” to your workplace this year and create a fun, memorable experience for your employees, there are a number of easy ways to do that. Feel free to mix and match as many of the ideas below as you like to create your own perfect St. Patrick’s Day celebration this year.

Start With Office Décor

The color green is, of course, one of the building blocks of any good St. Patrick’s Day celebration, so let’s start there. A quick visit to the Dollar Store nearest you should net you paper plates, banners, garland, shamrocks, and other St. Patrick’s Day-themed decorative items that will give your office a makeover for the day.

Have Lunch Catered

Many area restaurants offer Irish-themed lunches you can have brought in to build on the theme. If you’re on a budget, and you’re looking for a way to save some money, then consider creating a sign-up sheet and organizing an Irish “Pot-Luck” luncheon. This is a great way to boost employee involvement in the event and encourage your employees to get creative to help bring everything together.

Encourage Costumes

When you first sit down to start planning the event, make sure part of that planning involves communicating to your employees to wear something green on the day of the celebration. Even if you do this, there are bound to be a few people who forget, so be sure to have plenty of green hats or lapel pins you can hand out to anyone who wants one. Again, most of these kinds of props can be found on the cheap at your nearest Dollar Store, so even if you only have a modest budget to work with, you’ll be able to stretch it quite far with some creative shopping.

Sweet Treats

What would a St. Patty’s Day celebration be without a pot of gold? You can find chocolates wrapped in gold foil and looking like coins. Simply put these in a small, decorative chest and place it somewhere prominent in your office so that all during the day, your employees can go “get some gold” and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time.

Hold A Contest

If you want to really encourage employee participation in the day, encourage them to decorate their office or cubicle space with an Irish theme.

As part of the celebration, invite your employees to tour each decorated work space and near the end of the day, have the employees vote on who did the best job overall, then award the winner with a prize you’ve selected beforehand. The prize doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but it should be well-considered and worthy of the effort that went into the decorating process.

Whatever form your St. Patrick’s Day celebration ultimately takes, be sure to snap plenty of pictures of the occasion and share them on your company’s social media channels. It’s a great way to give your customers an inside look at what life is like inside your company!



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