Summer Is Here – Gift Your Employees Some Cooling Gifts

Does your employee rewards and recognition program change with the seasons? If it doesn’t, it probably should, at least if you want to get maximum impact from it. After all, seasonally appropriate gifts are just more practical. Not that all gifts have to be practical of course, but practicality is always appreciated. With that in mind, here are a few gift ideas with the warmer weather of summer in mind:

The “Thanks” Tumbler Set

This handsome set includes both a generously sized tumbler, wrapped in leatherette and guaranteed to keep the recipient’s favorite drink cool, and a leatherette coaster, both inside an attractive leatherette gift bag. All three are emblazoned with the phrase “Thanks for all You Do,” and can be further customized with your company or brand logo.

The Thank You Flip-Top 26oz Water Bottle

The summer heat can be miserable, but if you’ve got this durable, handy water bottle, you won’t have to worry about staying cool and hydrated. Crafted from stainless steel and offered in a variety of colors and with a broad selection of inspirational and thankful phrases, this practical gift is sure to be appreciated.

“Thanks” Lemonade Gift Set

The only thing this handy gift set doesn’t come with is the ice, but that shouldn’t present much of a challenge to your talented employees, and who doesn’t love a bracing glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day?

Featuring a 20-ounce glass jar with a lid and a straw, the set also comes with an 8-ounce packet of lemonade to take the edge off even the hottest summer day.

The Sweet Iced Tea Gift Set

Similar to the lemonade set above, this is a great choice for any sweet tea aficionados in your office. If your employee isn’t a fan of lemonade, this one’s almost sure to be a winner! As with the lemonade set, you get a generously-sized twenty-ounce Mason jar style cup, with a handle, lid and straw, and an 8-ounce packet of tea. What could be better on a hot day?

The “Excellence” Leatherette Tumbler and Thermos Gift Set

Talk about a deluxe gift! This set includes a sixteen-ounce stainless steel travel mug (with lid) and a matching stainless steel thermos. Even better, it’s a versatile thermos in that the lid can pull double duty as either a cup or a small bowl.

Both come in a tasteful, understated zippered leatherette bag. Both the travel mug and the thermos come emblazoned with the phrase “Excellence: Some excel because they are destined to, most excel because they are determined to.”

Who says gifts can’t be fun, practical and inspiring? Any of these would make an ideal summertime reward or recognition for a hard-working employee.

Didn’t find the perfect gift on this list? Not to worry, there are plenty more where these came from. Just pick a category and spend some time browsing our massive selection. You’re sure to find just the gift you’re looking for.