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Ideas To Make Memorial Day Special This Year

Does your company do anything special for Memorial Day? Some companies do, and others don’t. If your company doesn’t yet, but you’re interested in changing that, here are a few ways you can make the day special.

Make Giving Thanks A Company-Wide Effort

Service members who are deployed overseas often don’t have access to many of the comforts of home. The VFW has programs designed to send deployed troops care packages at periodic intervals to make their deployments a bit easier. A simple way to give thanks and give back is to contact your local VFW and find out what they need and when their next care packages are scheduled to go out, then hold a drive at your company on Memorial Day to help them help the deployed soldiers.

If that idea doesn’t work for you, and you’ve got veterans or members of the military working for your company (or married to someone working for your company), giving something to them in recognition of their service is a great way to give thanks. It can be something as simple as a gift card to a popular area restaurant.

Get Involved

If possible, give your employees a few hours off so they can go watch the Memorial Day Parade in your town, or take part in whatever Memorial Day events your area has planned. A quick Google search will reveal all the activities planned in your area.

If you can’t afford something like that, perhaps allowing employees an extended lunch on that day would be a possibility.


One thing you see all over town as Memorial Day approaches are flags and patriotic decorations. Make your company a part of that tapestry by decorating your business, inside and out as a way of showing your pride and support for our troops!

Honor The Fallen

If possible, allow your employees some time to go place flowers and/or flags at the grave stones of some of our local, fallen heroes. If it’s not feasible to allow your entire staff to participate in something like that, then ask the employees to create a committee. Some employees can participate by donating, and the committee members can actually go out and place the flowers and flags.

Host A Cookout

Nothing says “Memorial Day” quite like a good, old fashioned cookout. Plan one for your employees, and make it fun! Hamburgers, hotdogs, music, good times and good conversation.

It’s true that you’ve got to put business needs first, but most savvy managers and owners can find a way to accomplish the goal of keeping the business running for that one day while also arranging for a genuinely good time for your employees.


The bottom line is that there are all sorts of great options you can easily implement if you want to turn Memorial Day into a celebration. None of these ideas involve a lot of time, or a huge amount of resources, but all of them will provide a meaningful way for your employees to enjoy the day.