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To Attract (And Keep) Top Talent, Follow The Leaders!

Finding and keeping the best employees can be a daunting challenge. The landscape of the modern workplace is changing rapidly, and the best, most innovative companies are offering perks that smaller businesses struggle mightily to match.

There’s good news though – you don’t have to be able to perfectly match the best “perks” offered by the biggest and most innovative companies. There is value, however, in looking at the perks companies like Google offers, then finding clever ways to create reasonably close approximations for your own employees. Here are a few ideas drawn from the extensive list of perks offered by Google. As one of the best of the best, you can’t go wrong by copying their moves.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!

Small businesses have to stick together. You’re one of scores of local businesses in your community, and you can help each other. Reach out to other small businesses in the area and see if you can arrange discount cards for your employees.

You win, because you offer a valuable service to your employees that saves them money. Your employees win because they save money and have access to a valuable constellation of savings. The other businesses win because they get more business. What could be better than that?

A Focus On Fitness (And Wellness)

Google has fully-equipped gyms on-site for their employees to use anytime the mood strikes them. You probably can’t afford to do something like that, but it would be easy enough to build an outdoor walking path for your staff.

You could even mark out an indoor walking path, taking the step of putting distance markers at various intervals along the walls so your employees can track how far they’re walking day to day. Granted, it’s not as fancy or as full-featured, but it’s a nice gesture, and everyone will benefit from it.

Employee Development

Google offers extensive financial support to their employees, paying most, if not all the costs associated with ongoing professional development for their employees. It’s a smart choice, because it makes their employees even more valuable to the team.

Certifications and tuition costs can be expensive, however, so at first blush, you might think this is something that’s simply beyond your capability to do.

It’s actually easier than you think! There are dozens of free, or nearly free classes available online, and you can easily find success by working with local community colleges to get discounts for your employees. On top of that, a big of digging will turn up dozens of subject matter experts in your area, many of whom would be happy to host seminars or speak at engagements you arrange for your employees. You provide the space, they get some additional exposure, and your employees reap the benefits. Wins all around.

Free Food!

While Google has restaurants and food carts on-site for their employees, you don’t have to get that extravagant to offer a similar service. You could do something as simple as contracting with a local caterer to bring in lunch once a month or so, or working with local restaurants to provide impressive discounts on certain days of the week. Both will save your employees money and provide an extremely valuable perk. You can’t go wrong with that because after all, everybody eats.

The bottom line is, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to closely replicate many of Google’s best perks, offering them in a slightly more limited fashion to your own employees. Try one, or try several. You’ll be amazed at the results.