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Try A Desktop Print From Successories!

Almost everyone loves art, and our extensive collection has the dual benefit of being both beautiful and inspiring. If you’re looking for a great way to reward and acknowledge your best-performing employees, consider one of our high-quality prints! Here are a few for your consideration.

Perseverance Grand Canyon Framed Desktop Print

Few sights are more evocative than the Grand Canyon, and this handsome print captures it in all its majesty. The quote on the print reads as follows: “In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins…not through strength but by perseverance.”

A great, inspirational quote and perfectly applicable to today’s business environment. A fantastic way to recognize a doggedly determined member of your team.

Lombardi Framed Desktop Print

A part of our Great Leaders series, this fine print features Vince Lombardi himself, with a short essay on what it takes to be number one. If you have a sports fanatic on your team, who inspires those around him (or her) with his excellence, there’s no better way to reward and recognize him.

Lincoln Perseverance Framed Desktop Print

Another print from our Great Leaders series, by any definition, Lincoln is a giant among men, and as the extensive quote that accompanies his likeness, he didn’t get there because he found quick and easy success, but because he persevered. As the end of the quote summarizes, “The difference between history’s boldest accomplishments and its most staggering failures is often, simply, the diligent will to persevere.”

There’s a lot of truth in that.

Courage of Integrity Framed Desktop Print

An absolutely stunning photo of a lone traveler crossing a thin, precarious bridge during a winter storm, and accompanying a quote that reads as follows:

“The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity…these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.”

It’s a fine print, and a great way to recognize courage and integrity in your most valued employees.

Achievement Tree Framed Desktop Print

A starkly beautiful print featuring a proudly thrusting tree growing atop a craggy, otherwise barren rock. Accompanying the arresting image is the following quote:

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Wise words, and very appropriate. If someone on your team has recently pushed the envelop and achieved something above and beyond, this print is a great way to recognize it.

If none of these struck quite the “tone” you were looking for, not to worry. We’ve got plenty more where these came from. Just spend some time browsing our extensive collection and you’re sure to find something perfect!