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Five Fabulous Ways To Thank Your Hard Working Employees

Given the hectic pace of the modern business world, it’s all too easy to forget to press pause for a moment and send a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to your star performing employees.  Unfortunately, harried managers often don’t have time to come up with an innovative way to express their appreciation.  With this piece, we hope to lend a helping hand.  Here are some ideas to get your mind turning on the subject:

Get Personal

Few things resonate more deeply than a handwritten, personal note that not only recognizes an employee’s hard work, but also shows that you care enough to take time out of your busy day to communicate your appreciation.  It’s old school, and it’s an absolute delight.  A handwritten note from you is sure to be remembered.

Restoring The Balance

A lot of time is spent talking about work-life balance, but the reality is, in today’s business environment, the equation is very much out of balance.

You are uniquely positioned to change that.  While it may not be possible for every business, there’s no better way to express your appreciation than to give your star performers a paid day off to spend with family and friends.  A great way to unplug and recharge!

Give The Gift Of Food

Here, many managers are tempted to actually take their best employees out for a dinner on the company dime.  While that would undoubtedly be appreciated, even better would be to invest in a gift card to your employee’s favorite restaurant and let him or her enjoy that dinner with family and friends.

Again, it goes back to the fact that the work-life balance is almost always skewed in favor of work, and even an off-the-clock dinner with you will feel more like work than a night out with the family.

The trick here is that you have to know your employees well enough to know what their favorite restaurants are.  Once you know that though, the rest is easy.

A Memorable Gift

If you’re looking for something a bit more direct, how about a great gift?  We’ve got thousands of gifts for every taste, preference and budget, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your top performers.  Best of all, most of the gifts we offer can be personalized as you see fit, giving you the opportunity to give something that’s truly unique and sure to be remembered.

Extras, Extras, Extras!

Even if you can’t afford to give your star performers a paid day off, it still may be possible to give them something.  The sky’s the limit here, but if you’re struggling to come up with something specific, here are a few ideas:

  • A primo parking space for a month
  • A free lunch
  • An extra casual day
  • Or a bring your dog to work day

If none of the other ideas seem like a good fit for your organization, we recommend focusing on the gifts, because there are so many options to choose from you’re sure to be able to find something perfect.  Happy hunting!