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Human Resources Trends In The Year Ahead

The speed of business is ever-increasing, as is the pace of change.  While many people think of human resources as stuffy and bureaucratic, the reality is quite different.  Human Resources departments around the country are embracing technology at a rapid clip, and 2019 stands to be exciting indeed.  Here are a few trends to be on the lookout for in the year ahead:

Increased Use Of AI

Last year was the year of Big Data.  2019 will be the year of AI.  Although we have developed tools to mine Very Large Data Sets, further improvements can be made by employing AI algorithms and using them to mine those oceans of data.

Already this year we’ve seen increased use of machine learning, but AI systems will take this to the next level.  Far from replacing HR personnel, people in human resources departments will use AI to do more, more quickly and more efficiently than they’ve ever been able to before.  A majority of companies already have plans on the drawing board to make increased use of AI, and we should start seeing the fruits of those changes by 2019.

Virtual Reality

VR-tech is the next frontier of employee training.  It’s just that simple.  Training that is too expensive or risky to perform in the real world can easily be done in the virtual world, opening up whole new vistas of opportunity.

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what virtual reality is capable of, and we can expect to see huge strides in this area in 2019.  Honestly, this is one of the fastest growing and most vibrant opportunities in HR, and will likely be a dominant feature for many years to come.


NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, and represents the bleeding edge of AI, with a very specific application.

Right now, we have computers we can talk to, and machines that can talk back.  If you own an Alexa then you’ve already seen this technology in action in its nascent form.  Now imagine a computer that can not only talk to you but can speak fluently in a number of different languages and can understand commands given in any of those languages.

Even better, this next generation of machines will be able to translate from one language to another on the fly, in real time, vastly increasing flexibility.   Given the global nature of business these days, that’s absolutely invaluable, and the HR applications are virtually unlimited.

Next Level Analytics

Earlier in this article, we mentioned the increasingly important role that AI will play in helping HR personnel analyze Very Large Data Sets to spot trends.  One of the logical outgrowths of this change will be the ability to take analytics to the next level, allowing organizations to better understand performance drivers and leadership effectiveness.

It will also lead inevitably to analytical benchmarking, allowing organizations to compare themselves and their performance to peer companies.  Those who invest heavily in the system architecture to make this possible will reap incredible advantages over their competition.

The question, then, is which of these is your company currently investing in?