Celebrating Milestones – Don’t Forget To Wish Your Employees A Happy Anniversary!

Everyone likes to be remembered on special days, and just as anniversaries in personal relationships are important and celebration-worthy, so too are employee anniversaries in professional relationships.

Granted, you don’t have to go all-out, but a simple card with a thoughtful, heartfelt, hand-written message will do wonders for employee morale and make sure they know they’re being thought of. We’ve got a great selection of anniversary cards for just such an occasion. They stand on their own or are the perfect addition to any years of service award or anniversary gift. Check out some of our designs below:

The Happy Anniversary Sunset Lighthouse Greeting Card

This is one of our most striking designs, featuring an image of a lighthouse silhouetted against an orange sky as the sun sets, and bearing the message: “Success is not a state to arrive at, but rather, a manner of traveling. Thanks for contributing to our success.”

The quiet beauty of this design is sure to bring a smile and be a conversation starter.

The Happy Anniversary Star Greeting Card

A bold design, dominated by reds yellows and golds, featuring a star standing in a spotlight on the stage and bearing the message: “Pride is the personal commitment that over time separates excellence from mediocrity.” It’s the ideal card to let your star performers know that you’re thinking of them and have remembered them on the anniversary of their employment.

The Happy Anniversary Trumpet Greeting Card

This stately design features three trumpets blaring, announcing the passage of another glorious year of service. The message on the card is identical to the lighthouse design and reads: “Success is not a state to arrive at, but rather, a manner of traveling. Thanks for contributing to our success.”

The Cheers Anniversary Greeting Card

The cheers card is a fun, light-hearted design featuring two different colored champagne glasses clinking together in celebration. It’s probably our most playful design and sets a friendly, festive tone.

Other than the phrase “Happy Anniversary” there is no message on the outside of the card, and the inside is blank, leaving you plenty of room to customize and personalize your message.

The Years of Service card is an understated design, plain white with gold lettering that bears the following message:

“People who have accomplished work worthwhile have not been content with mediocrity. They have not confined themselves to beaten tracks. They have never been satisfied to do things just as others have done, but always a little better. They have counted on the constant efforts to be first-class and brilliant in every attempt to conquer the heights of excellence. ~ Happy Anniversary.”

Note that all of the designs we mentioned above come in packs that contain 25 cards and 25 envelopes. They can be ordered in quantity to receive a discount, and all cards have plenty of space inside for your own, hand written, personalized message.

If none of the designs above are exactly what you’re looking for, not to worry! Spend some time browsing the selection on our site and you’re sure to find the perfect card.