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Tired Of The Same Old Christmas Party? Check Out These Great Alternatives!

Ahh, the annual Christmas party. An event that fills most people with equal parts of joy and dread. Joy that another successful year is coming to a close, and bringing with it the spirit of Christmas, and dread at planning yet another Christmas party that may or may not be a success.

The simple truth is that most companies don’t throw very good Christmas parties. They tend to be stilted, staid affairs that at times can almost feel scripted.

If you find yourself rolling your eyes at the prospect of ordering the same food tray you have for the last three years, or booking the same restaurant you always use, you probably have Boring Christmas Party Syndrome. The good news is, it’s not a terminal condition and there’s an easy cure! Read below for some out of this world Christmas party ideas that will take this year’s shindig to the next level.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

We’re listing this one first because it’s the easiest to pull off, and the one that requires the least amount of planning by you.

It doesn’t really matter what food you have, although obviously you should have something. It doesn’t matter what games or activities you have, although again, you should have something on offer in that department.

No, the real magic in this idea is that your employees provide all the magic by wearing the most hideous Christmas sweater they can get their hands on.

The success of this kind of party is, of course, determined by the level of excitement and enthusiasm your employees have for the idea, so put feelers out early to gauge interest, and if you can get a solid group of people on board, then the contest surrounding the sweaters, and the prizes you’ll award for the winners will take center stage and define the event. This one’s as fun as it is easy to organize.

The Winter Wonderland Party

This idea stands in direct contrast to the ugly sweater party in just about every way imaginable. It’s not easy or cheap to pull this off, and will require a significant investment in holiday décor, plus a suitable venue.

The goal here is to create a dazzling aesthetic feast that brings to life the magic and majesty of a White Christmas and all the wonder that accompanies it.

Details matter here, so you’ll want to make subtle changes to everything from the lighting, seating and table top décor to the food you’ve got on offer. The ultimate goal is to create the illusion that your employees are enjoying an evening of fun and fine dining in a magical ice or snow palace.

With forethought, planning and most importantly, synergy, you can create an elegant party setting that your employees will be talking about for years.

The Christmas Ball

This one is especially fun and memorable if you run a fairly casual company. Like the ugly sweater party idea, your employees will be providing most of the decoration here, but you will need to either pick an upscale venue or be prepared to decorate the venue you have to make it appear palatial and elegant.

The idea is to host a traditional Christmas feast, but have your employees show up dressed to the nines, and all wearing masquerade masks that hide their identities.

As with the ugly sweater party idea, you’ll want to put feelers out well in advance before proceeding too far down the road of planning this type of party so you can gauge the level of excitement your employees have for the idea.

If they’re on board, this type of party has an air of magic and mystery to it that few other ideas can match.

The Amazing Race Party

A fun, quirky idea that’s one-part festive Christmas gathering, and one part team building exercise. Done well, this type of party can be amazing.

Inspired by the show, ‘The Amazing Race,’ the idea is that you break your employees up into teams and have them race to various locations in and around your venue, completing challenges and finding flags or other tokens that prove that they’ve been to every location.

It’s like a timed treasure hunt, with the last stop being, of course, back at the party venue where food and libations await the teams, and of course, a generous prize to whatever team completes the various challenges you’ve mapped out first.

The Christmas Around The World Party

Since almost every nation on the planet has some kind of winter holiday celebration, this can be a fun idea if you have a diverse pool of talent in your office that hails from all over the world.

The best way to approach this sort of party is to a) put feelers out well in advance to be sure you have the interest and attention of a significant portion of your staff, b) encourage each participant to come dressed in clothing that is reflecting of their home culture, and c) turn it into a potluck supper where employees bring dishes that reflect their culture.

It’s a great way to learn fascinating new things about the people you work with, and to try a variety of foods that you may not have gotten exposure to otherwise. Done well, this one can be every bit as memorable as some of the more extravagant party ideas we’ve talked about.

The bottom line here is simply this: Your annual Christmas party doesn’t have to be the same as it ever was. It doesn’t have to be conventional or boring. With just a bit of effort and applied creativity, you can create a magical, memorable Christmas event that will fill your employees with joy, be talked about for months, if not years to come, and get everyone excited about the new year that lays before you.

Christmas parties are more than they first appear. They’re parties, sure, but they’re also a tangible way you can energize your employees, improve morale and subtly begin to alter your company’s culture. Take advantage of that.