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HR Trends For The Year Ahead (2019)

The modern business environment is fast-paced and ever-changing. HR has no choice but to change right along with it. Companies that fail to change and adapt run the risk of finding themselves at a serious strategic disadvantage, and once there, there’s no easy way back.

Here are a few of the trends that will be shaping the way business works in the year ahead.

Increasing Flexibility In The Workplace

More and more people are embracing the Gig Economy. An increasing percentage of the workforce is simply deciding to say goodbye to the notion of traditional employment in order to take advantage of the vast flexibility inherent in being a Solopreneur.

If today’s businesses want to have any hope of attracting and keeping the best talent, they’ve got little choice but to offer more flexibility in the workplace.

While it’s true that salary and benefits matter, in this day and age, paying attention to work/life balance in the form moving increasingly away from fixed-schedule employment is taking on an increasing level of importance. Business owners ignore this truth at their peril.

AI-Assisted Hiring

Another trend we saw coming to the fore in 2018 that we’re expecting to see more of in the year ahead is hiring managers placing increasing reliance on AI and machine learning to make hiring decisions.

While it’s true that nothing can replace human intuition, machine learning can help simplify the hiring process. After all, most open positions these days attract scores, if not hundreds of resumes, and going through that many of them is a daunting, time-consuming task. Simply put, machine learning vastly enhances HR efficiency.

Of course, that’s only true if great care is taken to set the parameters for every job opening you’re seeking to fill. Small errors on the front end can lead to disastrous results on the back end, so this is something you’ll want to enter into slowly and carefully.

Even so, once you smooth the process out, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without AI-assisted hiring.

A Growing Emphasis On Culture

Increasingly, companies are placing more and more importance on culture, and that fact is having direct implications on the hiring process. Gone are the days when companies hire solely based on skills. The new, bleeding-edge methodology hinges on hiring primarily based on attitudes and behaviors that mesh well and would serve to enhance existing corporate culture.

After all, skills can be taught, attitudes and behaviors are…well, perhaps ingrained is too strong a word, but that comes close to describing it. It’s much harder to change those things than it is to teach someone to use a certain application or process.

Although the benefits of a great corporate culture are hard to quantify, there’s no denying that it improves morale across the whole enterprise and as a result, improves productivity. There’s value in that.

The bottom line is that the modern business environment is very much in a state of flux. Companies that fail to change with the times and adapt will be left behind. Don’t let that happen to your company.



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