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President’s Day Is Almost Here!

President’s Day Is Almost Here!

With President’s Day fast approaching, now is a great time to reflect on the many leaders we’ve had in the White House over the years.  In our nation’s storied history, the White House has seen forty-five different occupants, and as humans are wont to do, we often rank them, wanting to discern which one was best and which one was worst and where, exactly the others fall on that spectrum.

In just about every Presidential list we’ve ever seen, Abraham Lincoln appears at or near the top.  He is simply a giant among men.  A leader that other leaders look to for inspiration, and those who aspire to leadership study closely to glean as much of his wisdom as possible, in order to apply it to their own pursuits.

So what was it, precisely, that made Lincoln such an incredible leader?  Whole books can and have been written on the subject, so we’ll try to keep it both simple and brief.  Here, in our view, are some of Lincoln’s most important, defining leadership characteristics:

A Willingness To Listen

Lincoln faced unprecedented challenges during his Presidency.  Although he had a powerful intellect, had he made his most important decisions in complete isolation, his tenure as President would no doubt have been very different.

He didn’t do that, thankfully.  He surrounded himself with advisors of wildly divergent backgrounds and correspondingly divergent points of view, and then he listened to them, weighing all of the inputs he got before ultimately deciding what to do.  It was an incredibly powerful tool.


Lincoln was not what you’d describe as a glory hound.  When he succeeded, that success was shared.  Lincoln didn’t claim the spotlight for himself.  When he failed, he did not foist blame for his failures onto others, but rather, accepted most of it onto himself.  If all the world’s leaders and every business owner and manager did this, imagine what a different place the world would be.

He Was A Fast Learner

In many ways, Lincoln was not especially well suited to the job he found himself in as the leader of our nation.  While it can fairly be said that no one is, Lincoln had relatively less experience than many other Presidents, both before and since.

Even so, he proved to be quick-witted and an equally quick study.  You should strive to do the same.


To say that Lincoln’s road was a difficult one would be a sublime understatement, and yet, no matter how difficult the struggle, and no matter how dark the road ahead seemed, he pressed on.  It’s a very good thing that he did.  Had he not, it’s difficult to even imagine what our nation might look like today.

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