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Volunteer Appreciation Day Is April 20th

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration recognized and observed in many countries around the world. It traces its origins to Canada, where it was first conceptualized in 1943 as a means of celebrating the contributions women made to the war effort during World War II.

Over the years the popularity of the holiday has ebbed and flowed.  It declined to its low point in the 1960’s and since that time has seen something of a revival and resurgence.  In the US, it’s organized by the Points of Light Foundation, and many companies of all sizes take advantage of the occasion to honor any interns and volunteers they have working with them.

If your company makes use of volunteers in the workplace, or if you have some type of community outreach program in place and you’d like to honor volunteers near where your company is based this year, there are tons of options available.  Free food is always appreciated, but if you’re interested in gift giving, we can help with that.  Here are a few low-cost gift ideas to show your appreciation.

The Making A Difference 24 Ounce Tumbler

Volunteering is thirsty work and no matter what activity those hard-working volunteers are engaged in, everybody appreciates a new drinking cup.  These are generously sized, brightly colored, and come with a handy snap on lid and straw which minimizes the chance of spills.  It’s a great, low-cost gift idea that’s sure to be appreciated.

The Volunteer Lapel Pin

This lapel pin is a simple idea, but it’s the hottest new trend this year where awards and recognition is concerned.  It’s a striking design in blue and black with the word “Volunteer” emblazoned across the top and a hand print dominating the field.  The handprint has a heart shape in the palm, indicative of the selflessness of the act of volunteerism.  It’s something any volunteer would be proud to wear, making it a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

The Making A Difference Eye Poppin’ Pal Stress Reliever

Volunteers get stressed out too.  This is another low-cost gift idea that’s super fun.  Brightly colored, with the phrase “Making A Difference” on the back and a smiling face on the front, complete with a crazy shock of hair and eyes the roll and bulge when the ball is squeezed, it never fails to bring a smile.

The Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork Glitter Travel Tumbler

This handsome travel mug your choice of inspirational, motivating messages in raised circles on the surface of the mug.  In addition to glitter highlights that make it stand out, it also sports a generous 16-ounce capacity with a spill proof lid, and its double walled design helps ensure that your hot drinks stay hot and your cold drinks stay cold.  A wonderful, reasonably priced gift.

If none of the gift ideas on this list are what you had in mind, we’ve got plenty of other products to choose from.  Just spend some time browsing our site and you’re sure to find something that fits perfectly with the message you want to send, without busting your budget.

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