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Take This Year’s 4th Of July Celebration To The Next Level

The 4th of July will be here before you know it.  Are you planning to do anything to celebrate at your place of business this year?  If so, it’s not too early to start planning.  Below, you’ll find a few tips designed to help make this year’s 4th of July celebration one for the books:

Let The Employees Run The Show

Rather than trying to plan the whole thing out and micromanage the process, create a committee by pulling a few people from different areas of your company.  Give them a budget and a few parameters and guiding principles and let them have at it.

Be willing to support whatever they come up with, as long as it falls within the parameters you initially established.  If they decide an employee talent show is the way to go this year, embrace it.  If they decide they want to take advantage of musical talent from among the population of your employees and hold a small concert, run with it.  Give them latitude to celebrate the holiday the way they want and you’ll be a hero.

Don’t be shy about building in your own contributions.  If you know going in that you want a sidewalk chalk drawing contest, be sure to build that into your initial parameters and have your employee committee build around it.

Food, Food, Food

There are a couple of ways you can go here.  If you have some money to work with, you might want to consider having lunch catered.  That way, all of your employees can enjoy the meal and you can outsource the preparation, serving and cleanup. 

On the other hand, if you’re interested in stretching your 4th of July budget, solicit cookout volunteers from among the ranks of your employees and let your steering committee work out how to best organize them and their talents.

Be Sure To Properly Fund It!

This is the part that too many managers get wrong.  If you’re imagining steak, don’t fund to the level of hot dogs.  It takes money to put on a good celebration, so don’t be shy about spending what you can afford to be sure that the end result matches the vision you have in your head.  If you skimp, you’re almost certain to be underwhelmed by the results and if you’re underwhelmed, chances are good that your employees will be too.

Understand that even a fantastic 4th of July celebration won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you do have to be sure that your funding of the planned day is equal to your vision for it.  If there’s a disconnect, there’s bound to be problems.

If you keep the three things mentioned above firmly in mind, you’ll stack the deck heavily in your favor and be virtually guaranteed to have a 4th of July celebration that will be enjoyed by everyone and talked about for years.  Even better, it will have long-lasting positive impacts on employee morale.