Is Your Office Ready For The Holidays? This Handy Checklist Can Help!

Ahhh, the Holidays.  A time of joy and celebration.  It’s a wonderful time of year, to be sure.  Of course, it can also cause harried business owners a fair bit of heartburn given the chaos and confusion that this time of year can also bring.  If you’ve got plans to give your hardworking employees a memorable holiday season this year and you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s a handy checklist to be sure you’ve got all the bases covered:

In House, Or Rent A Space?

The first thing you should decide is whether or not you plan to host your Holiday office party in-house, or whether you want to find a venue space somewhere nearby.  Either way, in order to avoid turning the process into a time sink for you, your best bet is to delegate finding a venue or preparing your office for the big event.

If you decide you want to host the party elsewhere, just set a budget and create a party committee to find a suitable spot.  If the festivities are to be in-house, the same committee can handle most of the details for you.

Determine The Menu

Once you know where the big event will be, the next major detail to attend to is food and drink.  This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  If you’re catering, again, set a budget and let your committee do the heavy lifting.

If you’re looking for a more simplified approach, you could plan for a potluck, which would foster employee participation and again, let the planning committee you establish handle the details.


No matter where you’re planning to host your Holiday party, decorations are sure to play a major role.  If you don’t already have decorations from prior years, or want to add to what you’ve got, again, set a budget and let your trusty committee take care of the details.

Related to this, your committee members can come up with games, a music playlist, or any other extras that might be needed to round out the celebration.

Awards And Gifts Of Recognition

This is one aspect of your party planning that you’ll probably want to handle yourself.  Your employees work hard and produce real value for your company.  The Holidays are a perfect time to recognize them.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gifts for the various people you’ve got working for you, here are a few helpful selection lists to get your mind turning on the subject:

These gift categories are, of course, just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve got thousands of products in an extensive online catalog that has something for everyone.

If you use this article as a guide, you’ll be miles ahead in your planning and help ensure that whatever form your office party takes this year, it will be one for the books!