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Surprise Your Remote Employee With Gifts

SAre most of your employees working from home right now?  If so, their spirits are probably low due to being locked down. 

You can change that with a surprise in the form of a small gift to show your appreciation for them and their efforts during these troubling times.  If you like the thought, but are struggling to come up with some suitable gift ideas, here are a few suggestions to get your mind turning on the subject:

Gifts For Reducing Stress

The Let’s Be Legendary Unicorn Stress Reliver

The typical workday is filled with stress, and these days, with the specter of the Coronavirus looming, things can get even more stressful.  This little squeezable unicorn is a great gift that represents a fanciful take on the classic stress ball.  For the right employee, it could be the perfect gift.

The Excellence Eagle Stress Reliever

Where the unicorn stress toy is fun and fanciful, the eagle is all business, just look at that face!  This is a great stress reliever that’s sure to be talked about and appreciated.

The Teamwork Trio Stress Reliever

This one is a gift that makes sense for the here and now and for later.  It’s actually a trio of stress relievers that link together like puzzle pieces.  It will look great on your employee’s desk at home and once the current crisis is over, it can easily be shared with coworkers.  Fun-tabulous!

Gifts For Use While Working From Home

The Thanks For All You Do Camp Mug & S’Mores Gift Set

A lot of your employees may not be used to working from home and the lack of interaction with friends and co-workers may be bringing them down. 

S’Mores are great any time of year, which is why this handy gift set, which includes everything the recipient needs to make S’Mores, along with a generously sized 15-ounce camp mug, is such a wonderful gift idea. 

Not only does it contain a sweet treat, but the mug itself can also be emblazoned with your choice of inspirational messages, and is available in a trio of colors, so you have plenty of room to customize!

The Making A Difference Tervis Tumbler

This 16-ounce tumbler is great for any time of year, keeping hot drinks hot for extended periods, and keeping your favorite cold drinks bracingly cold and refreshing. 

In addition to being well-insulated, it also comes with a spill proof cap and a drinking straw, which makes it work-environment friendly.  Best of all, it fits perfectly into standard-sized cup holders, so the recipient can even enjoy it on the go.  A great, practical gift that will be useful for years to come.

Candy and Food As Gifts For Employees Working From Home

The Thanks For Being Awesome Chocolate Candy Tube

Do you have a chocolate lover working for you?  If so, then you can’t go wrong with this delightfully low-priced sweet treat.  A tube, brimming with M&M’s!  What could be better?

The Essential Part Jelly Bean Candy Tube

Even if you have employees who don’t love chocolate, they still may have a sweet tooth, in which case this fabulous tube filled with jellybeans might be an even bigger hit. 

Consider this to be the first cousin of the tube filled with M&M’s.  Both offer a decadent, delightful treat in a tube bearing your choice of inspirational messages.

Journals and Books for productivity and inspiration

The Key To Success Helios Journal

Journals are not only a great way to stay organized, but if you have any creative types or aspiring writers working for you, they make supremely good gifts that are sure to be enjoyed and appreciated. 

This one, the ‘Key to Success’ Helios journal, is a superb example of our high-quality journals. 

Bound in soft, supple leatherette, this 192-page journal includes a pen and has a matching ribbon bookmark.  It is as handsome as it is inspiring.

The Make It Happen Good Morning Gift Set

Finally, you may want to consider our “Make it Happen” gift set, which includes a 72-page journal with a matching pen and a generously sized 15-ounce coffee mug.  Coffee and creativity often go hand in hand, making this a wonderful gift idea!

If none of the gift ideas we just talked about are exactly what you had in mind, not to worry; this is merely the tip of the iceberg. 

Just spend some time browsing our extensive collection of products online and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.