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Great Employee Gift Ideas For November

We’ve officially moved into the Holiday Season and if you’re in the habit of giving holiday gifts as part of your recognition program, but you’re drawing a blank in terms of what to actually buy, perhaps further complicated by the fact that so many of your employees are likely working from home due to the pandemic, we’ve got you covered. 

Every month, we add to our sprawling collection of products, so we’ve always got something new on offer.  Here’s a quick preview of just a few of the new items we’ve added this month:

The Work From Home Deluxe Tech Kit

If you’ve got a music lover in your employ, then the Deluxe Tech Kit is a superb gift option.  It includes a wirelessly charging Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charging pad to keep the speaker fully charged (it works with your phone and other devices too!), a stylish 72-page journal with a satin ribbon bookmark and a pen loop for holding the matching pen that comes with the set.  Everything a music lover needs to stay organized and listen to their playlist while they work.

The Holiday Gift Box – Ornament & Holiday Wine Glass

While the tech-oriented set is nice, if you’re looking for something with a more definitive Holiday theme, then this might be perfect for you and the employee you’ve got in mind to give it to.  This set features a pair of 18-ounce stemless wine glasses, each with a different holiday themed image emblazoned on the glass in red and gold, plus a Christmas ornament bearing the message “Working with you is a Gift” and as a sweet surprise to round out the set, it also includes a Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel square.  A great way to send some Holiday cheer this year!

The Fender Guitar Patent Art Print

We have an extensive collection of art inspired by the US Patent Office archives.  This is another one that music lovers are sure to appreciate.  A simple white line drawing on a bold blue background, the print shows the images sent to the patent office when the patent was filed for the legendary Fender guitar, back in 1951.  It’s a great, inspiring addition to any home or office workspace and sure to be appreciated for years to come.

The Thank You Gift Box – Cozy Winter With Cider

There have been numerous studies that have shown that adding a splash of green to your work environment improves productivity and most people are fans of plants, so why not give one as a gift?  This gift set includes a little pine seedling pack with a peat pellet and a 15-ounce ceramic mug with a square handle.  Emblazoned on the mug is the phrase “Working, growing, succeeding together,” which is a great pairing with the little seedling.

In addition to that, the set includes a packet of apple cider so the recipient can enjoy a warm, soothing mug of it while knocking out the day’s work.  A great gift for just about anyone.

The Thanks Gift Box – Teamwork Fun Motivation Set

This fun little set is more practical than the others, and is all about motivating and helping keep the recipient organized.  It includes an “It takes teamwork” magnetic clip holder with 8 multi-colored “people clips” that can be arranged in an endless number of configurations, a 12-ounce ceramic mug bearing the phrase “thanks for all you do,” and your choice of:

  • A Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cocoa and Chocolate Square
  • A Starbucks coffee Pike Place pack (with enough grounds to brew 10 cups), and Tazo tea bags
  • Or a S’Mores kit, which contains a full-sized Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, two marshmallows and two full sized graham crackers.

What’s great about this set is that no matter what your employee’s tastes and preferences, you can custom tailor it to accommodate.

If none of the items we talked about above are exactly what you’re looking for, understand that these are just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve got a massive product line and these are just the latest additions.  Spend a bit of time browsing through our complete collection and you’re sure to find the perfect gift, no matter what your budget is and who you’re buying for.