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Interested In Gift Sets For Your Employees? Be Sure To Order ASAP!

This year is seeing a surge in demand for gift sets of all shapes and sizes.  With so many employees working remotely, many managers are looking for simple, fast, effective gift giving solutions and with such a broad assortment of gift sets available, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re one of those ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ kind of people, then here are just a few of the great gift sets we have on offer this year:

The Making A Difference 15 Ounce Camp Mug & S’Mores Gift Set

If you have an employee with a well-developed sweet tooth, this might be a perfect gift set to consider.  The center piece of the set is a generously sized fifteen-ounce camp mug, with a complete S’Mores kit included.  You get a full-sized Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, a pair of marshmallows and two full-sized graham crackers.  Everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Sweet Almond& Cherry Bath Bomb Holiday Gift Set

If sweet treats aren’t what you’re looking for, this glorious bath set is an excellent alternative.  After all, when you’ve had a long, trying day dealing with pandemic related issues on top of work stuff, there’s nothing better than a long, relaxing soak. 

The bath bomb is hand made right here in the USA and is infused with organic shea butter and essential oils to help keep your skin soft and hydrated.  In addition to that, it smells absolutely Divine.  Best of all, you can add a matching spa set which includes a sisal sponge, mesh scrubber, pumice stone and wooden nail brush, all housed in a beautiful wooden case.

The Essential Part Soup Mug & Journal

Nothing beats a hot cup of soup on a cold winter’s day, which explains why this gift set is so wildly popular.  It includes a 12-ounce ceramic soup mug with a spoon, an 6 ounce single serving packet of chicken noodle soup mix and an 80-sheet mini journal with cream colored, lined paper and a matching pen.  Emblazoned on the front of the journal is the message that reads “You’re an essential part of our success.”  A simply superb gift option.

The Custom Journal & Game Set

If you have an employee who’s a fan of puzzles and brain teasers, this is an ideal gift set.  It includes a rustic vegan leather journal with 112 lined pages and a satin ribbon bookmark, plus a mosaic tile brain teaser wooden puzzle.  In addition to that, you’ll find a Ghirardelli milk chocolate square, which offers a sweet surprise to round the set out!

The Thanks For All You Do Golden Bistro Mug

The centerpiece of this set is the French bistro inspired mug, which features a cuddly bear on the front with the message “Thanks for all you do.”  The mug includes a stirring spoon and your choice of a four ounce packet of hot chocolate in your choice of flavors.  Nothing beats a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day!

If none of the gift sets above are exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to spend some time checking out our site.  We have many other options available and you’re sure to find something absolutely perfect for every employee you have working for you.  Just be sure to order the set you want early to make sure it gets to your door on time.