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Women’s Equality Day Is Coming – Are You Ready?

If you weren’t aware, Women’s Equality Day is August 26th.  It’s an important celebration that pays homage to the women’s suffrage movement and serves as a day set aside to remember the hurdles that women in history have had to overcome to gain equal rights and full participation in our society. 

It’s also a time to reflect on the hurdles that still have to be overcome.  After all, one need only look at the American economy to see that while women are better represented in some fields, to this day, they’re still not as well represented as they should be, to say nothing of the fact that there are still some troubling disparities in pay.

All that to say that it’s an important day and if you want to improve morale at your company and demonstrate that you stand behind the women’s suffrage movement, here are a few things you can think about putting in place at your company, using the 26th as your kick off date:

Start A Mentoring Program

This is especially valuable if you don’t have good female representation in management at your company.  Part of the reason why may be the case that the women you have working for you just don’t have the same number of opportunities to advance down those career paths. 

A mentoring program is a fantastic way to begin to remedy that.  Even better, it’s something that’s super simple to set up, and something that every employee you’ve got working for you can benefit from.

Update Your HR Department’s Library

Most companies have employee educational resources available, and those resources are almost invariably made available via the company’s HR department.  If you’re not sure how well stocked your HR library is, you’ll definitely want to step down the hall and check it out. 

If you find it lacking in the area of women’s rights and equality, then that’s an easy fix.  It’s as easy as sitting down with your HR manager and coming up with a list of quality titles, then making funds available for their purchase and announcing it.  It’s a very easy way to become a hero in the eyes of your female employees.

Incorporate Women’s Equality Into Your Recognition Program

Women’s Equality Day is a fantastic day to give a shout out to and call attention to the achievements of the most powerful and talented women you’ve got working for you. 

Not only is recognition in general good for your company’s productivity, but it also demonstrates that you know, understand and appreciate the struggles that women have faced in the past and the challenges currently confronting them.

There are, of course, plenty of other things you can do to make this year’s Women’s Equality Day a memorable one, but even if you limit yourself to just the three items mentioned above, you’ll find that you’re miles ahead of many of your competitors and you’ll paint yourself as a manager and business owner who understands the unique challenges women face in society today.