Customer Service Week Is Almost Here

Customer Service Appreciation Week is the first full week in October which falls between October 3rd and 7th this year. 

If you haven’t planned anything to mark the occasion, you should!  After all, in most businesses, customer service teams, as the public face of your company, are the unsung heroes of the operation. 

A world class customer service team can take your organization to the next level.

If you’ve already got a world-class team, then embrace the coming holiday and celebrate it with your team. 

Call out their accomplishments and reward them for it, and they’ll reward you by even better work and improved productivity.

If you don’t have a world-class customer team yet but you know you want one, celebrating the week is still an excellent strategic move and could serve as the opening play in taking your current CS team to the next level, increasing their performance by improving morale.

One fact that too many managers overlook is that today’s workforce isn’t in it for the money.

Yes, money matters, but only to a degree.  Recognition matters.  Connection matters, and hosting a celebration aimed squarely at your customer service team is a great way to deliver both of those to your hardworking employees.

The celebration doesn’t have to be extravagant and it doesn’t have to tie up the whole day.  The important thing is that it take place.  That your employees see you recognize and acknowledge them.  You can do this by:

  • Catering lunch for the office
  • Presenting selected employees with certificates of achievement for reaching certain goals you had specified earlier
  • Presenting those employees with a plaque designed to adorn the walls of your office
  • Or handing out gifts (see below for some excellent ideas on that front)

If part of your customer service team works remotely, absolutely take steps to make sure they’re included in the fun.

If you know you want to make gifts or gift sets a part of the fun, these items in our store are a great place to start.

Here’s just a small preview of the kinds of things you’ll find at the other end of the link:

  • Drinkware – We’ve got a broad assortment of totally customizable drinkware ranging from stainless steel drinking canisters to coffee cups, drinking cups with straws, and more.  They come in a ide range of colors and all can be branded with your company’s logo and personalized with the recipient’s name and some other individualized message if you’d like to include one.
  • Notebooks – The simple truth is that the age of the computer didn’t usher in the paperless office after all.  Notebooks are still widely used and ours come in a variety of size and color configurations.  A simple yet practical gift that just about everyone will appreciate.
  • Gift Sets – With the pandemic still lurking around the edges of our daily lives, gift sets are as popular this year as they were last.  Gift sets offer a little of everything inside, and we have a wide range of them to choose from so you’re sure to find the perfect one, no matter the recipient’s tastes or preferences.

The bottom line is that customer service appreciation week is a big deal.  If you take the time to celebrate it, you’re employees will feel like they’re a big deal too, and that will do good things for your bottom line.