Welcome Gifts For New Employees

Giving gifts to new hires can help smooth out the onboarding process and is, or can be, a fantastic way to set a welcoming tone to the newest addition to your company, but what kinds of gifts are the best to give in such circumstances?

It’s a great question and the simple truth is that there’s no one “best” or “right” answer, because every employee is different, and every new hire has a unique context. 

The good news is that we have such an extensive array of products available that you’re sure to find the perfect gift, no matter the employee or the particulars of your situation.  To help get your mind turning on the subject and to provide inspiration and ideas, here are a few product categories to consider:

Food and Candy

If you have a feel for the tastes and preferences of your new hire, you may want to strongly consider giving the gift of food!  Not a five-course meal, of course, but a snack pack is a great way to send the message that your company offers a friendly, wholesome environment, and besides, who doesn’t enjoy a sweet or salty treat now and again?

Even better, we’ve got an impressive array of snack packs to choose from, which allows you to get something that caters to the individual tastes of the person you’re buying for.  You will not be disappointed by what you find in this part of our product lineup!

Gift Set

Gift sets are, in our view, the best way to go when it comes to providing a “welcome package” to new hires and help smooth out the onboarding process. 

All of our gift sets provide a range of goodies to choose from and we’ve got so many different variations that you’ll always find the perfect combination of items to not only make your new hire feel welcome, but also give them tools they need to maximize their chances of long-term success.  That’s a win for you, and a win for whomever you’re planning to give the gift set to.

Thanks for joining our team

This is a relatively small category, but the gifts you’ll find here are high value and practical.  Notebook sets, they’re stylish, attractive, and come with matching pens.  Best of all, you can brand them with your company’s logo, or personalize them with your new hire’s name, or both!  It’s a great way to make the newest members of your team feel welcome, and that’s sure to be appreciated. 

Spend some time browsing this category if the first two we talked about didn’t strike the tone you were looking for, or didn’t contain the items you feel are most important.  You’re almost certain to find the perfect gift set!