Personalizing Gifts – Why It Works

If you’ve spent any time at all browsing through our collection of gifts, you’ve almost undoubtedly noticed that most of them can be personalized to one degree or another. 

You can almost always add your company’s name, your brand’s logo, the recipient’s name, and often, a short message that’s specific to the intended recipient.

The question that often arises then, is, why would you want to?  It’s a fair question with a more complex answer than you might think.  In this piece, we’ll get into the whys.  If you’re intrigued, read on!

Personalization Adds Meaning

Let’s talk about the biggest and most obvious thing first.  As a rule, people love to be talked about and noticed.  Even the most introverted person wants friends, family and co-workers to remember and acknowledge them on their birthdays and major holidays.  That’s just human nature.

Personalizing a gift is a signal.  It sends the unmistakable message that the sender was thinking of you.  Specifically, OF you, and wanted to take the time to recognize and acknowledge you.  That’s powerful.  That matters.

It Creates A Gift That Will Be Cherished Forever

If you give someone say, a stuffed animal, they’ll probably think it’s cute, and it will almost certainly bring a smile.  Then, a year from now, it’ll wind up on the closet shelf collecting dust until it gets pawned off to one of your aunt’s kids or whatever.

On the other hand, if you’re given the gift of a stuffed animal that bears an uncanny resemblance to a cherished pet you told your boss about, and the stuffed toy is wearing a collar with your former pet’s name, and maybe a message that says something like, “I’m sending this copy of myself to watch over you until I see you again!”

Now you’ve created a gift with meaning that’s going to stay with the recipient for years to come, if not decades.  It’s personal.  It’s powerful.  It has meaning that extends well beyond whatever holiday the gift was given to celebrate.

It Displays An Unexpected Level Of Thoughtfulness

Most people have very low expectations when it comes to gifts given at the workplace.  Exceed those expectations and you will improve morale at your company.  A personalized gift shows you care.  Even more significantly, it shows you actually pay attention and know something about your employees beyond what they do for you on the job.

Imagine, for example, giving someone a personalized blanket with pictures of their dog and their cat on it, with their names embroidered beneath their pictures.  How many bosses even know their employees have pets, let alone know their names?

If you were to do something like this, it will send a powerful message, not just to the recipient, but to everyone in your employ.  It shows you care enough to learn about your employees as people.  Human beings with lives and interests outside of work.

That’s a powerful step toward creating the kind of environment people long to work in.  Give that to your employees and they’ll reward you in ways you can barely imagine, and that’s why personalizing gifts works!