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Six Retirement Gifts For Your Employees or Co-Workers

It can be bittersweet when one of your best employees retires, but it is definitely an occasion you will want to celebrate, for their sake. At Successories, we have a wide array of different gifts that can be used to help you celebrate all the hard work that special someone has put in over the […]

7 Fantastic End of the Year Gift Ideas for Your Valued Employees

At the end of the year, it’s always a great idea to show your employees that you’ve appreciated all the hard work that they’ve done. Doing so will help reinvigorate them for the upcoming year. Don’t know where to start? Consider the featured employee gifts for inspiration:   You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever: Everyone loves […]

Keep Your Workplace Running Smoothly During Summer Vacations

While summer vacation is crucial for keeping your employees happy and well rested, it can easily disrupt the workplace if you don’t have a plan in place to handle the absences. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your office continues to run efficiently despite the fact that you are missing one or more employees. Planning […]

A Look at How Stress Balls Benefit Your Entire Staff

While stress in the workplace is nothing new, it is attracting a lot of attention, primarily because it can negatively impact an employee’s mental and physical health, as well as result in burnout. In fact, 40% of job turnover is due to stress. There are numerous ways to relieve employee stress, but one of the […]

Handling Summer Vacation Requests

Summer is the ideal time for most people to enjoy the warm weather and all the freedom and cheer it brings – this is also the time when most employees tend to forward their time-off requests to partake in the fun. While big businesses with a large workforce can get by, small businesses may be […]

How To Motivate Your Employees

Happy workers mean productive workers. But, how does a company motivate their employees to work hard and be a part of the success of the business? Literally, motivating employees doesn’t need a lot of resources. It can be a simple gesture of saying “hi” to your workers. Neither should motivating workers be a competition or […]

Employee Appreciation Day: Mar 6

What’s your favorite holiday? If you were to consider your favorite, it would probably be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother or Father’s Day, but in all reality there are very few holidays out there that are as important as the ones that recognize the importance of some of your most important resources, your employees. When you’re working […]

10 Gifts to Motivate Your Sales Team -The Make It Happen Edition

It’s hard to really motivate your sales team sometimes to really go above and beyond the call of duty and perform to their absolute best- but as Employee Appreciation Day draws closer and closer, it becomes more and more important to gain a winning attitude with your employees rather than push them away with a […]

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