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Employment Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2021

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way we work in the here and now, but a growing number of experts who have been monitoring the trends and changes expect that many of them will remain with us long after the pandemic is finally behind us.  If the experts are correct, here are […]

The Pandemic Will End Soon, Continue to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged

By now, you’ve almost certainly got a handle on the basics of managing your remote employees and keeping them engaged.  Given the ongoing pandemic, it’s something you’ve almost certainly had to learn to do over the past several months, which means you’ve probably gotten quite good at communicating in a variety of different ways, communicating […]

Why You Should Treat Your Freelancers Like Your Employees

If you’re like many business owners, you may have come to rely increasingly on freelancers to take up any slack in your organization.  Often, it’s more cost effective to bring a freelancer on to help you handle a temporary crunch than it is to go through the time and labor-intensive hiring process to bring on […]

Ideas To Take Your Remote Holiday Celebration To The Next Level

With the pandemic still bearing down on the world, tens of millions of people continue to work from home.  It’s a solution that allows businesses to remain productive, while minimizing the risks to their employees.  It’s far from perfect, however, because it leaves many employees feeling isolated and disconnected.  It has also, of course, upended […]

Motivate And Inspire Your Team With One Of These Awesome Prints

Study after study has shown that the right artwork displayed either at your office or in the workspace of your employees who are working from home will improve both morale and productivity.  That’s not supposition, that’s fact backed up by literally decades of supporting data. You may have some motivational art hanging on the walls […]

Interested In Gift Sets For Your Employees? Be Sure To Order ASAP!

This year is seeing a surge in demand for gift sets of all shapes and sizes.  With so many employees working remotely, many managers are looking for simple, fast, effective gift giving solutions and with such a broad assortment of gift sets available, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re one […]

Make Sure Your Remote Employees Feel Included In The Holidays This Year!

The title of this piece is good advice in general, but this year, it’s more important than ever, because chances are that most, if not all of your employees are working remotely this year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. The simple truth though, is that the Holidays are coming, pandemic or no, and tradition dictates […]

Great Employee Gift Ideas For November

We’ve officially moved into the Holiday Season and if you’re in the habit of giving holiday gifts as part of your recognition program, but you’re drawing a blank in terms of what to actually buy, perhaps further complicated by the fact that so many of your employees are likely working from home due to the […]

Great Gift Ideas For A Retiring Co-worker

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work, if not forever, then at the very least, for the foreseeable future.  Some things, however, don’t change.  You may not get to spend as much time face to face with your friends and coworkers as you once did, but they’re still out there, […]

Employees Love Employee Recognition Programs — Why You Need One Immediately!

If you’re like many, if not most small business owners, one of the biggest challenges you face is in finding and then keeping your best employees.  Small companies face significant challenges in this regard, because they typically don’t have the deep pockets that the major industry players have, which means they often can’t compete directly […]