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Leadership Lessons From Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Day is a great time to reflect on the words of one of the greatest orators in modern history and draw inspiration from his many speeches, including, of course, his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. King was unquestionably a great leader, and there are few better sources of inspiration to draw […]

What an Years of Service Program Can do For Your Business

Most managers and business owners intuitively understand the value of employee recognition programs.  After all, everyone likes to be acknowledged for their inventiveness and hard work.  What relatively fewer managers and business owners fully appreciate, however, is the value of a Years of Service award program. This is an excellent addition to a general recognition […]

Gift-Giving Etiquette for Managers

Gift-giving during the holidays is complicated, and that’s doubly true for offices. Should you give your team members a token of your appreciation as their leader? What should you do for your favorite co-worker? As a manager, do you give your boss a gift? Do you get the entire team a gift or just who […]