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Improving Employee Satisfaction, Retention, and Productivity – Part One Of Two

Improving Employee Satisfaction, Retention, and Productivity – Part One Of Two This is the first part of a two-part article series on improving your company’s culture by creating a robust framework of recognition.  Study after study has shown that when employers take the time to recognize the achievements of their employees, they are rewarded with […]

Is Your Office Ready For The Holidays? This Handy Checklist Can Help!

Ahhh, the Holidays.  A time of joy and celebration.  It’s a wonderful time of year, to be sure.  Of course, it can also cause harried business owners a fair bit of heartburn given the chaos and confusion that this time of year can also bring.  If you’ve got plans to give your hardworking employees a […]

Thanksgiving Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Company’s Recognition Program

If you’ve been hearing the buzz about the benefits associated with an employee recognition program and you’re interested in forming one to boost morale and productivity, Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to launch such a program, so there’s no time like the present!  If you want to know the secret to the most […]

6 New Successories Gifts and Rewards this November

Looking for new gift and award ideas to reward your star performers?  We’re constantly adding to our product line and have got you covered with a ton of great new options.  Take a look at some of our new arrivals! The Gold Star Candle Holder If you have a candle lover working for you, this […]

Employee Recognition Will Never Go Out Of Style

National Employee Appreciation Day is March 4, and it’s always a fantastic opportunity to show your hard-working employees some love and recognition, but the simple truth is that recognition isn’t a one-off.  It’s not something that the most successful companies confine to a fixed point in time and then forget about for the rest of […]

Brighten Up Your Office & Boost Productivity With These Fantastic Motivational Posters

Looking for a cost-effective way to boost morale and productivity and give your office a facelift?  If so, then may we recommend our award-winning line of motivational posters?  We’ve got something for every taste and preference, and even better, each of these prints come in a variety of framing options.  Here are a few examples: […]

Spooktacular Ideas For Your Office This Halloween

Although Halloween isn’t a national holiday, it is in everything but name.  Your employees and their families certainly treat it as such and it comes in a close second to Christmas as being everyone’s favorite holiday.  With that in mind, why not embrace it and do something fun this Halloween? The great thing about this […]