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The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace and the Manager’s Role

Here are some statistics that may surprise you.  Nearly half of all managers say their own anxiety increases when they have to give negative feedback to an employee that reports to them, which causes them to either delay giving the feedback, or simply not give it at all.  On top of that, fully 40% of […]

Celebrate a Successful Year with These Gifts From Successories

The new year is often a time for reflection. If your team was successful in the past year, you should celebrate your achievements and your employees’ individual accomplishments and continue motivating them to keep it up. These gifts from Successories send a clear message of a job well done. Posters Celebrate achievements with Successories’ legendary office […]

What an Years of Service Program Can do For Your Business

Most managers and business owners intuitively understand the value of employee recognition programs.  After all, everyone likes to be acknowledged for their inventiveness and hard work.  What relatively fewer managers and business owners fully appreciate, however, is the value of a Years of Service award program. This is an excellent addition to a general recognition […]

Ideas To Help Supercharge Your Employee Recognition Program

Do you have an employee recognition program in place?  Have you been underwhelmed by its effectiveness to this point?  The problem could be rooted in your implementation of the system you have in place.  Recognize Your Team With Employee Gifts Employee gifts are a great way to recognize your team’s excellent work. Check out some […]

Wrap Up the Year with These Year-End Gifts From Successories

As the year winds down to a close, it’s good to look back on all of the achievements of the year. From organization-wide accomplishments to the individual successes of team members, there’s a lot to celebrate. In Successories’ opinion, gifts and awards are the perfect way to show appreciation to the team. Top Choice for […]

Tips to Kick-Start Your Employee Recognition Program in the New Year

As we wrap up 2019 and look toward the new year, you might start to plan for new initiatives and review the achievements of the last year. If you have an employee recognition program in place, now is also a good time to review it and its results from the previous year. Is there any […]

Recognize an Employee’s Remarkable Achievement with Successories

One of the keys to boosting employee engagement, which can lead to better overall productivity, is recognition. Think about it: When we do something great, we want to have our moment and 15 minutes of office fame. Whether you throw a party for the person or give them a gift or an award, this recognition […]

How to Create an Incentive Program for your Company

Incentive programs can be a great boon for your company Incentive programs can be a great boon for your company, improving employee engagement, performance, and retention. However, achieving these results can be a challenge and requires a well-designed program with clear measures of success and rewards. Consider Your Organization An incentive program may look much […]

Improving Employee Satisfaction, Retention, and Productivity

Study after study has shown that when employers take the time to recognize the achievements of their employees, they are rewarded with impressive productivity gains, improved employee satisfaction and higher retention rates.  Improved Employee Satisfaction and Higher Retention Rates. All of those things directly improve your company’s bottom line.  If that’s something you’re interested in, […]

Thanksgiving Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Company’s Recognition Program

If you’ve been hearing the buzz about the benefits associated with an employee recognition program and you’re interested in forming one to boost morale and productivity, Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to launch such a program, so there’s no time like the present!  Why Launch an Employee Recognition Program Now? If you want […]