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Brass Medallions

Successories collection of exclusive brass medallions make great awards and recognition gifts. Featuring brass medallions for excellence, teamwork and years of service, our brass medallions come beautifully packaged for presentation.
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Customer Favorite Brass Medallions

Updated Tuesday 09-19-2017
Above and Beyond Jets Brass Medallion
Rating: rating | Reviewer: The Chief of Clarinda, Iowa

Above and Beyond Jets Brass Medallion

Medallion Memories
I utilize these medallions to reward my staff who have excellent attendance habits. It pays great dividends and these medallions mean so much to my employees!

Commitment to Excellence Brass Medallion
Rating: | Reviewer: Bill of Denver CO

Commitment to Excellence Brass Medallion

Don't be caught without your coin
I purchased these coins for my management team to engage them in our commitment to excellence. These coins are a bit of a take off of squadron coins I had while serving in the Military. All management employees must have their coins, on their person, on duty or off and at all times. While on duty the coins serve as a motivational piece such as " I thought you were comitted to excellence?" or if another member of management "coins" you, (puts their coin on the table) and you don't have yours then the person with out must complete a brief Safety review over the PA System. It acts as a fun type of enagement and gets all involved. Of course when you are off duty the "rules" take on a whole new meaning.This a great product and one which I have been using for years in different locations and Companies with the same great response. As a quick story. Last week I saw an employee I had about 6 years ago with another company. We spoke briefly and then guess what happened?...... He "coined" me. Tell me that coin didn't have a lasting impression on him. I had to buy him a brat as punishment.Good time.

Celebrating Excellence Brass Medallion
Rating: | Reviewer: Bobbie of Jacksonville, Florida

Celebrating Excellence Brass Medallion

Great gift for the price
This is a great gift which is priced appropriately to give to your teams for instant recognition for excellent support and service.

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