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Talking Pens

Here is a fun way to recognize and motivate your team. Press the smiling head on the pen and hear a message of appreciation and thanks. Comes with a suction cup base so that it stands on the desk. Sold in packs of 4, these pens have black ink.

Customer Favorite Talking Pens

Updated Thursday 04-02-2020
Thank You Talking Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarno star from Rogers of Johnson, KS

Thank You Talking Pen 4-pack

I will buy similar again-don't want to give same thing twice
The pen is goofy enough and the dialogue itself is great but the voice ( no offense to whoever recorded)
Sounds a bit dull

Thank You Talking Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarstar from Wendy of Toronto, Ontario

Thank You Talking Pen 4-pack

Excellent recognition award!
Timely recognition in a unique and fun way! Was very well received and shared success with others!