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Customer Favorite Service

Updated Monday 07-22-2019
Service Path Desk Clock
starstarstarstarno star from Chukar of Challis, Id.

Service Path Desk Clock

It makes an nice service award gift.
Service award gift

Service Waterfall Motivational Poster
starstarstarstarstar from Cindy of Ste. Genevieve

Service Waterfall Motivational Poster

The picture is beautiful and so peaceful, love looking at it.

Years of Service Brass Medallion
starstarstarstarstar from Jeanine of Undisclosed

Years of Service Brass Medallion

Yes, with exceptions to shipping
We use these medallions on a yearly basis and present to our teachers for their service. We have repeatedly ordered these for years. It was disappointing that some of the order that came in were damaged. Damaged meaning that the numbers were scratched off so I had to request new ones. Next year, we will have an issue with the medallion holder. You have discontinued the preferred one and we will have some changes in our presentation because we will have two different holders. On that note, the holders seem quite expensive so we may go another route with holders.

Creating a Customer Service Culture

When people think of customer service, they think of the front-line workers, the ones that come in direct contact with the customer. But the truth is, everyone in your company has an impact on the customer experience: The receptionist who greets visitors, the IT worker who maintains the systems to take orders, and the marketing staff that communicates information about your products. Everyone touches the customer in some way. This is why you must develop a customer service culture — from the top down.

Here are some simple steps you can take to create a Customer-Friendly Organization:Communicate to every level the importance of customer service and the behaviors you are looking for regarding that service.

Recognize employees when they demonstrate positive service behaviors, both formally with awards and informally with certificates, medallions and hand-written notes of thanks. Constantly give specific examples of good customer service. Emphasize the concept of internal customer service. And treat your employees well!

The quality of service they offer your customers is directly related to how the employees are treated themselves. Empower your employees to make decisions and break the "rules" to satisfy a customer. Train your people—all your people—on this customer service-based culture from the moment they are hired.