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Cross The Line Book

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You and your team will love our Cross The Line Book .

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A simple approach to encourage deeper commitment, more focus, and better resilience.

The idea: With everything, there's a line. On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen (better results, better relationships, more opportunities). On the other side of the line, there's less of a chance. It"s your choice where you want to be.

To Cross The Line is to Commit, Work Hard, Focus, and Bounce Back when things get tough.

Quick to share. Motivating. Used by thousands of leaders in every industry... profit, non-profit, K-12 schools, healthcare, and government.

Read a sample of Cross The Line | Watch the Cross The Line video

20 minutes to read. A lifetime of better results to enjoy.
60 wonderfully-designed pages in a 4 x 6-inch paperback book (fits in a back pocket).

Written by the bestselling author of 212° the extra degree and Lead Simply (Sam Parker).

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The book includes...

  • The Cross The Line concept
  • The 3 common challenges to Crossing The Line
  • Motivating quotes and the 4 points to Crossing The Line
  • 13 short essays reinforcing the 4 points to Crossing The Line (Choose to Commit, Work Hard, Focus, Bounce Back)
  • A 'Time to Think' section with questions to help you reflect on how to Cross The Line
  • Several blank 'Thoughts' pages to write down any personal notes you'd like to keep track of

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Price: $9.95   $9.95