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Daniel Radcliffe Quotes

7 Daniel Radcliffe quotes:

"I'm getting better now, but I used to be incredibly awkward with girls. I think any guy who says 'I've never had an awkward moment with a girl' is a liar."
"I'm thrilled of the acceptance I get abroad. The people are so hearty, warm and grateful and I feel privileged having seen so many countries and some of the greatest monuments."
"Fans are really important for me. And if they take pains to write me, it's the minimum that I answer myself."
"There's never enough time to do nothing!"
"As you grow up, you realize from the age of 14 or so, you grow extra emotions somehow, and I think Harry is at the point where he's at the mercy of all these emotions,"
"He suffers from the same frailties and hormonal-related problems as all sorts of people his age, but he's also going through this massive thing of almost paranoia, where someone's trying to get at him, trying to destroy his life, but he doesn't know who. Some invisible force is trying to tamper with his life in some way."
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."
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