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Lydia Child Quotes

10 Lydia Child quotes:

"Every human being has, like Socrates, an attendant spirit; and wise are they who obey its signals. If it does not always tell us what to do, it always cautions us what not to do."
Author: Child Quotes Category: Caution Quotes Spirit Quotes
"A reformer is one who sets forth cheerfully toward sure defeat."
Author: Child Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes Reform Quotes
"Childhood itself is scarcely more lovely than a cheerful, kindly, sunshiny old age."
"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!"
Author: Child Quotes Category: Fathers Quotes
"The nearer society approaches to divine order, the less separation will there be in the characters, duties, and pursuits of men and women. Women will not become less gentle and graceful, but men will become more so. Women will not neglect the care and education of their children, but men will find themselves ennobled and refined by sharing those duties with them; and will receive, in return, co-operation and sympathy in the discharge of various other duties, now deemed inappropriate to women. The more women become rational companions, partners in business and in thought, as well as in affection and amusement, the more highly will men appreciate home."
"Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture."
Author: Child Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"But men never violate the laws of God without suffering the consequences, sooner or later."
"That man's best works should be such bungling imitations of Nature's infinite perfection, matters not much; but that he should make himself an imitation, this is the fact which Nature moans over, and deprecates beseechingly. Be spontaneous, be truthful, be free, and thus be individuals! is the song she sings through warbling birds, and whispering pines, and roaring waves, and screeching winds."
"The eye of genius has always a plaintive expression, and its natural language is pathos."
Author: Child Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"I was gravely warned by some of my female acquaintances that no woman could expect to be regarded as a lady after she had written a book."
Author: Child Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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