Christopher Paolini Quotes

5 Christopher Paolini quotes:

"Many people have died for what they believe... the real courage is living and suffering for what you believe."
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"Eragon started as me but ended up evolving into his very own character, ... Even as he has gone through his coming-of-age story, the process of writing and publishing these novels has been my own coming-of-age story. There are parallels between my own experience and Eragon's, but fortunately, I don't have people charging at me with swords."
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"I didn't have a lot to do. Dad felt I was too young to go to college; I didn't have a job, and the nearest town was some 20 miles away. I needed a way of entertaining myself. Writing was what I settled on."
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"[His parents now spend much of their time handling the business side of their son's success.] It's gotten so big, ... I just can't handle it by myself."
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"This trilogy is (Eragon's) coming-of-age story, and writing the trilogy has been my coming-of-age story."

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