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Ralph Krueger Quotes

7 Ralph Krueger quotes:

"The team is mature. You're going to see that here, we've by far not reached our goals yet. We have Germany tomorrow. There's no time to sit on this. They can look back on this period for the rest of their life and they should do that with pride but they're not going to do that right now. I know that."
Author: Krueger Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It took a lot of courage to do this by some players who were asking for autographs from those players a few years ago."
Author: Krueger Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"With all of Canada watching, this happening at 35 years of age, my God, that's a great story."
"There's no question the top seven are far above the rest."
Author: Krueger Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Both goalies were on the top of their game, but Gerber had the shutout against Canada fresh in his head."
Author: Krueger Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"Without continuity and without the core of players bringing a lot of experience to this tournament we would have had no chance. We have an average of 100 national team games among our 22 players."
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"He brings a calmness on the puck to our power play. Off the ice, he brings passion and fire."
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