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"We don't mind that, that's making them accept more, making fun that we accept that. The thing is this is the way we are. We think it's a gas."
"We got on his label, and the Bizarre organization is just going up and up. So we have faith."
"We just set it up and recorded it the way we played it. But that was the way we played it then."
"We like reactions - a reaction is walking out on us, a reaction is throwing tomatoes at the stage, that's a healthy psychological reaction."
"We play it differently now. If we did the album now it would be different."
"We started combining the use of light and the use of theatrics and the use of as many art forms as possible, and it's still growing - that's the whole idea of it."
"We try to be as much involved in our product as possible, because then it's us."
"We wanted it more live and raw. We didn't want a studio sound."
"Well, we were all in high school and we got together, and in college - we were in art college together."
"When we get together and rehearse, which is always living with each other, we always talk about what would make it better, what would mean more, what would say more. So we're always improving and growing."
"You can't get the visual thing on the record as much as you'd like to. We produced this album, and we'd never done that before, except when we produced singles for ourselves."
"You just let your lower self go, and then it takes on all these aspects of the society - the city with horns blowing, the people yelling things at each other, and the all-in-all violence and chaos of the city. Put that on stage with music, and that's what this is."
"Yet I was Marilyn Manson - times 10."
"We identified with Frank. We were of course influenced - when everybody hears Zappa, they're influenced by him, just like The Beatles."
"It's like this - these five members have been influenced of course by other groups, because that's where this generation's groups came from - an environment like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, and The Who. People like that."
"If you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are."
"The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes and switchblades."
"I'm 18 and I like it!"
"From the moment I leave my house or my hotel room, the public owns me. The public made Alice Cooper and I can't imagine ever turning my back on my fans."
"And you'd be right to do that. But the funny thing is I haven't watered down Alice. Alice the character on stage is just as dastardly as ever. If you sit in the first 20 rows of my show, you're covered in fake blood. The attitude behind it is totally for fun. The audience in the '70s was so easy to shock. Now I can't be as shocking as CNN."
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