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"Professors and most of the people here don't know about it. It is not publicized or anything. My age only comes up occasionally. If the person doesn't know me, they feel threatened perhaps. But once they get to know me and become my friend, it doesn't enter their minds anymore."
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"I guess I made friends with people who were not too much the party type. But I was never the type of person who would like to party too much. I never felt the urge to do that, I much prefer going downtown for a dinner or a movie. So it didn't matter whether I was younger."
"My father was all for it, my mother, being a mother, was more worried of course. She wanted me to stay at home, but I felt ready. I was always raised as an independent person. The main effect of [starting university] this early was that I matured earlier."
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"I think, like everyone else, I am a little scared and a little excited. You've been at school all your life and now what awaits you is much different."
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"Both of my parents were immigrants from China -- we had to work really hard to get here. Our financial situation was not good at many points when I was growing up. They were not able to help me with schoolwork that much, but otherwise they have always been great examples for me to be hardworking."
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