Jim Cain Quotes

5 Jim Cain quotes:

"It's an odd quandary for us, ... It's like there's compassion fatigue all around. I can certainly appreciate someone's anger. Then again, everybody has a limited amount to give."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Anger Quotes
"We're data driven. We're looking at warranty and claims information with all tires. If the data suggest we need to take action, we will."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"It's our intention to continue on 2005s. It's our intention to move away from '06s."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"If I'm injured do I pay for my health care or my rent? If I don't pay for my co-pay for physical therapy or a prescription I'm not going to be able to work. That money doesn't seem like much to you and me, but it's all the difference in being able to pay the rent."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"It was done perfectly within the law. It was well before 90 days."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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