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"We're pretty solid, experience-wise, on the D-line and at linebacker. We're just young, not age-wise, but experience-wise, in the secondary. I think a lot of our success is going to depend on how well our secondary catches up."
"These are the games you live for, right here. You have electricity in the air ... The adrenaline is flowing ... I think it's going to be the place to be Friday night."
"The last three or four years, we've started league with a loss and it's come back to hurt us. Bottom line, we would have gone to the playoffs the last two years if we would have won one more game, so this game here is huge."
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"Chris, as of right now, is the starting QB. He's just a sophomore, so he's going to make sophomore mistakes, but he's getting better by the day. And the exciting part is, we're going to have him a couple more years after this."
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