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"For most of them, Christmas is not a good day. For some of them, Christmas is the worst day, because they're not with their family."
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"I imagine they'll do their best (for the transition). But the problem is, it won't be sufficient. At this age, kids are pretty tough on each other."
"I'm glad the weather has changed today. It has been the most challenging disaster we have ever dealt with -not just in this region but in the whole United States."
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"Cuts are needed, but it should be equal pain across the board."
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"The way you measure improvement in a player is different with each guy. When we (managers, organization officials) look at stats we see different things than the average fan. A player might hit .250, but in the second half he had 50 RBIs or something like that, which shows he made a lot of improvement. That's how we have to look at things."
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"Long before 'having it all' was a statement that women made, Vivi was that woman."
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