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"In the Information Age, they are going to need a stronger foundation in math and science. This is about every child needing a foundation in math and science."
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"This is a major new initiative of the president. It is a major initiative of the Department of Education."
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"I urge each of you to think seriously about the vision Dr. Daniel puts forth and think about what you can do to make it happen."
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"It's quite gratifying for people to respond to your music when you're not on a huge label or have a big public relations firm backing you. When you consider just how many bands there are out there at any given time, it shows you that there's a hunger out there for something that's different and fresh. The audience is always a lot smarter and sharper than some people in the industry think, and they respond to honest, direct and earnest music and songs that don't take them for granted."
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"We've been doing a few dates as an acoustic duo. The music that we've been working on is a big departure for both of us. The audience for Train will be very surprised at the direction of these songs, and it's really a very different sound from what I do in Luce. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll just say that conceptually we took some real chances with both the arrangements and the lyrics."
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