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Doug Parker Quotes

10 Doug Parker quotes:

"We continue to make great progress in building the new US Airways, and today's announcements furthers that momentum. We are thrilled to welcome these employees back to a new airline that has a fresh attitude and bright future ahead of it."
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"The biggest news from our third quarter 2005 was the completion of the US Airways/America West merger, and obviously our third-quarter results do not yet include any of the expected positive effects from that merger."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Our quarterly financial results reflect the continued difficult industry environment but also show some encouraging trends. Both US Airways' and America West's stand-alone results, excluding special charges, are much improved versus last year despite a nearly $200 million increase in expenses due to higher fuel prices."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"There's a lot of buzz in the industry about consolidation. There's a lot of value to be created by putting two airlines together."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"Today's results reflect overwhelming support for our proposed merger with US Airways, which will create a stronger airline that offers improved job stability for our employees, expanded service for our customers and a more long-term, viable investment for our stockholders."
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"The weakness has been largely concentrated in the technology sector."
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"I know he has the potential to go to the NFL. I don't want him to mess that up. I just want him to live out a better experience than I did. But it starts with making the right decisions."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"The flip-side of that though is if you create value, you create value. And I think we're showing that you can create a lot of value -- much more than I think people thought -- by putting two airlines together."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"Our consolidation was largely driven by crisis. US Airways needed it to survive. And as the industry improves, there will be fewer crises."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"When you're that age, 17 or 18, you're saying I'm going to have some fun on these visits. I'm going to ball out at these school. Putting on a hat and making a show of it isn't going to determine where you are the rest of your life. The choice you make will, so it's important to be serious about why you picked one school over another."

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