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4 Ross Levin quotes:

"We live in this age of abundance. The problem is, even though people have a lot, they aren't any happier. So they're trying to find meaning in their lives, and one way to do that is by doing something for others."
"Some of the bastions of corporate America are just images of themselves. People don't understand the level of risk they're taking."
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"Often what makes the most sense, especially for people who've had home runs with their company stock, is to take enough off the table to live the life they want, no matter what happens."
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"[Whether you're planning a wedding or another big party,] you need to make a conscious choice about whether it's more important to you to spend tens of thousands on the event or save the money for some future financial need, ... There isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer, but the decision ought to be intentional."
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