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Ian Robertson Quotes

10 Ian Robertson quotes:

"By 1999, the average age of my patients was around 82."
"The training on average took about a decade off the cognitive age of these volunteers,"
"For the over-50s, exercise is a sort of wonder-drug that makes you more mentally agile, less forgetful and delays the loss of sharpness that would otherwise happen,"
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"[New learning was the third factor identified.] The more you learn, the more you can learn, ... We know that new learning can have profound physiological effects on the brain."
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"High and prolonged levels of stress have negative effects particularly on the memory system,"
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"Our bodies are getting healthier and we're living much longer and the biggest threat now to being able to function well and productively when we're older is in the functioning of the brain,"
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"Over the past few years, neuroscientists have made the quite revolutionary discovery that at all ages the brain is plastic or flexible - that's to say it's shaped by experience, what we do and how we think."
"Medical advances have created a fourth age of humankind intermediate between middle and old age, and this is the new prime of life,"
"Biologically and psychologically, old age need not now begin until the eighties for many people."
"I know I've changed my life in response to the data, doing aerobic exercise and eating differently, ... Stay Sharp With the Mind Doctor."
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