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14 Reggie Sanders quotes:

"I'm one of those guys who believe things get better with age. This is all about preparation for opening day and I'm feeling good about where things are at this point."
"Oh yeah, I felt the eyes, ... But that's not a bad thing. It's a good thing to be wanted."
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"My first at-bat, my emotions were all over the place, ... So you really sit back and think about what was going on. . . . You learn over the course that it's all about how you can house those emotions."
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"With experience, you learn how to house those emotions and focus on what you need to focus on, ... A lot of times you get too involved with outside forces instead of what you need to be worrying about."
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"I'm a lot older, experienced -- and you learn how to really house all the emotions that you may go through under the pressure, ... You know, for me, talking with Hal [McRae, the Cardinals' hitting coach], having a game plan and sticking with it and not altering it has been a plus, too. So really, it's just the experience, more than anything."
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"The most important thing is to key in on your emotions. Look at my first at-bat. My emotions were all over the place."
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"You've seen a variety of teams having success and that creates a belief across baseball that if you stick together, great things can happen."
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"[The return of injured players is] happening at the right time, ... because we'll need all the horses when we go into the postseason."
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"It's hard to replay that."
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"You don't judge a team by its record, but its heart and tenacity, two things you either have or you don't have,"
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"We all know if this team was full strength, what the outcome probably would have been. But for me, I think what sticks out the most is just the heart of players going out there hurt. Granted, things didn't turn out the way we wanted, but to me, I'm thinking about playing hurt [as opposed to] not playing at all. For guys to go out there and show heart, what more can you ask for?"
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"It's him knowing himself and what he's capable of doing. And he has a knowledge of every hitter. He knows what he wants to do and he hits his spots consistently. That's why Roger is Roger."
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"For me, what stands out is perseverance, ... This game is very tough politically. Sometimes you realize you have talent, and you have to go out and prove it and continue to work."
"Once I got off the pain medication I wasn't at the level I thought I was, ... I think the pain medication was talking more than the body was. But the time I got off the pain medication and I got here, it wasn't good."
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