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Bill Rodgers Quotes

28 Bill Rodgers quotes:

"This sport is the sport to see what you are made of, so use those expert's advice, but be free to be your own champion runner, picking and choosing advice you enjoy and that works best for you."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"Let your running lead you to your diet."
"Lastly, races bring a lot of energy into your focus on running, and are (usually) a good time."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"I ran my fastest marathon in the rain."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: American Athlete Quotes Marathon Quotes
"Hills are terrific for running."
"With with these points in mind go forth, enjoy Mother Nature, and celebrate your return to what you're supposed to do, live as an athlete."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Mother Nature Quotes
"Always take the long term view and train and race smart, with a bit of caution."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"I believe 100 per cent in continued running after 40, and racing too, if one so desires."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"Age 50 is a lot tougher than 40s."
"My biggest weakness as a endurance athlete has been in not drinking enough water after training, thereby racing sometimes while dehydrated."
"I always say if the marathon is a part-time interest, you will only get part-time results."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: American Athlete Quotes Interest Quotes
"The marathon can humble you."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: American Athlete Quotes Marathon Quotes
"I want to run until I can't run."
"If you want to win a race you have to go a little berserk."
"You cannot always run at your best."
"Every race is totally different."
"I like rain, actually."
"To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month or even one year - but for a lifetime."
"Being a runner means you are now "free" to win and lose and live life to its fullest."
"My whole feeling in terms of racing is that you have to be very bold. You sometimes have to be aggressive and gamble."

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