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Billy Wagner Quotes

15 Billy Wagner quotes:

"I think he's got a great mentality, a great situation here where he has so many leaders and experienced guys to show him. And he doesn't have to be a leader, but they're grooming him to be one. I think he's just going to be a fantastic player for a long time."
"Definitely coming from a different organization and taking a big step, I want to get comfortable and not be living out of a suitcase for the whole spring training and having my family do the same. It was a move that I felt was good for me and for my family."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"I've been fighting for [a permanent location] for 25 years now."
"My strength is his strength."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"I don't know if Philly is my first choice, but I like it enough to come back. They still have time."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"Actually, I thought I threw the ball decently. I just felt in good conscience I wasn't going to be able to turn it up to that next level. I'd say my velocity was anywhere from 92 to probably 96 mph. But that's not as consistent as I need to be to face the competition we're going to have. I couldn't in good conscience go out there and put myself into that situation."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"I don't know how close we are in salary, in no-trade [clauses], I don't know anything about that. If my agent gets what he thinks is a good deal, he'll call me. It's not my job to negotiate. My job is to close games out on the field."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"I would never have thought in an off day that the big story would be music. Involving me."
"If they don't get out of there, they're going to be in deep trouble."
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"This kid is destined for greatness. If they stay with him, and he's on teams that get him to the playoffs, he's the next Mariano Rivera , without a doubt. Ever see the hitters' faces when they come up to hit against him? They're just hoping to find one ball they might put in play. He needs to remember that now."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Greatness Quotes
"I am not the missing piece. I am not the savior. I can do my job, but that doesn't mean we're going to win. It has to take everybody — not just one person."
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"Trust me, I'm going to do my best to beat them if I do get in there. I've got some lifetime friends over there in [Craig] Biggio and Baggy [Jeff Bagwell]. We can chat all we want when the year is over. This is business."
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"I've matured a lot. You can only stay mad so long. I think (his childhood) helped me to see how not to do it the right way and to try to do it better when I get a chance."
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"I just didn't feel like I was ready yet. I didn't feel like I could, in good conscience, go out and try to push myself to that next level in early March. It's something that could turn out and I could hurt myself, and that's something I want to stay away from, because I want to go out there and do what's right for me and my future."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"I knew they wouldn't match all the Mets had done. They were still worried about age and all that stuff organizations worry about."

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