Jalen Rose Quotes

14 Jalen Rose quotes:

"Obviously, with my age and my salary I didn't fit long term."
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"Ask any athlete - One of his dreams is to play in New York wearing a Knick uniform. It's also always been a dream of mine."
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"The thing about professional sports is anything can happen. Obviously, that vote of confidence along with it being after the trade deadline, means we intend on staying with the guys we got. I think we have 20-plus games remaining, let's try to finish them strong and we'll see what happens from here on out."
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"Larry Bird is like a basketball god to me for what he's done for my career."
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"Lies don't matter, ... There's no merit to it. It's kind of hard to entertain foolishness when it has no merit."
"I really like Rafer Alston. We get along great. We have a lot of fun times together that I can’t share with you guys."
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"They played this game like it was their championship game, and rightfully so. Those guys are hungry for NBA jobs."
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"They played this game like it was their championship game, and rightfully so. Those guys are hungry for NBA jobs. You don't just go to Europe because you're turning down the NBA, you're going to Europe because you want to be in the NBA so when you're standing up against a guy in front of you that's is in the NBA, you want to prove to anybody that's watching that you're NBA-worthy."
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"Nobody wants to be a bottom feeder and deal with the reality that you have one of the worst records, if not the worst record, in the league. Obviously, we have to turn that around and turn it around fast. I feel like if we ever show up in the same place at the same time we can make some noise in this league."
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"The reality of it is, 14 seconds to go, a seven-foot guy falling like he's been shot by a gun, normally that doesn't warrant a call,"
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"I don't mind being a professional. As an athlete you are a role model, people are watching what you wear, listening to everything you say,"
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"We've got a lot of guys in here that are learning how to win. And when you're learning that on the fly over an 82-game schedule, you're going to have some tough times."
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"I've never been part of a situation like that -- and I'm sure I've never heard anybody in professional sports make a comment so negative that early in the season,"
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"Even bad teams have optimism. You don't want to take away the optimism so early in the season. The Bad News Bears coach wouldn't even tell (his team) that."
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