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Karen Hughes Quotes

9 Karen Hughes quotes:

"What I did is open a door for conversation. That's how conversation starts."
"Now, I can understand if out of conscience you take a principled stand and you would decide that you were so opposed to this that you would actually throw your medals. But to pretend to do so, I think that's very revealing."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"The governor has said he would not increase the age to qualify for Medicare, and he has made that abundantly clear on a number of occasions. If the vice president says otherwise, then he's deliberately engaging in falsehoods."
"Both President and Mrs. Bush feel strongly that out of the evil of Sept. 11 has come a great deal of good. As President Bush said, we're a nation awakened to terror but also a nation awakened to service, citizenship and compassion."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"We are celebrating freedom and their freedom to speak out, even if they disagree, unlike the citizens of North Korea, who do not have that right."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"We all know that the vice president is a world-class debater, ... We think that the pressure in this debate is really on Vice President Gore to try to change the dynamic of the race. The dynamic of the race is that voters want a change."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"That just defies all logic and all common sense. When Gov. Bush unveiled his plan to end social promotions in public schools, it was heralded by the national press as a sweeping reform, the most sweeping ever attempted in the country."
"Senator Kerry had one bar to meet coming into this debate and that is he had to establish some type of credibility on the issue of Iraq. Not only did he fail to do that, but he further undermined his own credibility."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"we're open to ideas."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes

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