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Larry Brown Quotes

45 Larry Brown quotes:

"The thing is they got guys that are willing to make a three-year commitment, which I think is tremendous. We had guys that committed and then all of a sudden 9/11 happened, and then there were injuries."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"After that conversation everything was very positive. I thought he really bought into what we were trying to do. It was not a great experience for me, the fact that we lost, but it was a great experience to see his growth."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"The direction is not going the way we would all like and we've got to do something about that. This is a pretty good time from now until All-Star break to kind of assess where we're going, but I do really feel good about a lot of the pieces here and I think a lot of them have a chance to get a lot better."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"If I had my druthers, at my age I would rather be with a more established team. But this is fun. I enjoy coaching. It's probably a much different challenge than I've had recently, but that's OK."
"He's got such a good work ethic. We'll have to see what the future brings for Brian. I assume he's going to follow in (his father's) footsteps."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I hope I can make a difference. I'm going to try my hardest to make this franchise proud of the team we put out there."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"It was the kind of game where you hate to see anybody lose."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"To them, after the conditions they were living in, this was almost like a dream,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Our first team didn't shoot all that well. The Magic had 14 steals to our zero. To me, by accident, you can get a steal. That makes me think we weren't aggressive defensively."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"From my perspective, it's a big step forward."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes
"Until I coached Detroit I never inherited a winning team, ... This is a work in progress but I do think some of the changes that have been made are really positive ones."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"I don't know if we'll find out a lot about our progress until after this is over and we can start working in the summertime."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"I'm just proud of them because that's a quality team and we managed to survive, and then we figured out a way to win."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"It's a killer when you lose a quality player like him, especially when you're struggling. It's tough. The way things are going, it gives some other people an opportunity to play and hopefully they get better because of the experience."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Acquiring a player of Steve's level and talent is very exciting for this team."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Acquiring a player of Steve's level and talent is very exciting for this team. In Steve, we have added a veteran that could help us in many areas, and assist with our young players' development."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"I don't worry about what guys make. You worry about the contribution they make to your team. That's the thing that's most important. Because guys are making a lot of money doesn't always equate to wins."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"It's hard with Stevie because he's not aware of any of the [plays]. [Plus], if you get in foul trouble, you're turning the ball over, you're having trouble getting stops, how would you play?"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"I think if you look at the M.O. of this team all year, we have had trouble making stops. We have turned the ball over, we lead the league in turnovers, points of turnovers, and assist-to-turnovers. I keep telling them if you want to play playoff basketball, you've got to take care of the ball and execute. We don't get it and we have to keep working on it."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"He's not nearly as aggressive because of his shoulder. But you don't want to look for excuses. We've got to look for ways to get better."

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