Larry Brown Quotes

45 Larry Brown quotes:

"Until I coached Detroit I never inherited a winning team, ... This is a work in progress but I do think some of the changes that have been made are really positive ones."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"I don't worry about what guys make. You worry about the contribution they make to your team. That's the thing that's most important. Because guys are making a lot of money doesn't always equate to wins."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"You're coaching a storied franchise, ... I want to see this franchise respected, being a contender every year, having people come to the Garden and saying, 'Man, they played the right way.'"
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"From my perspective, it's a big step forward."
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"He's not nearly as aggressive because of his shoulder. But you don't want to look for excuses. We've got to look for ways to get better."

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